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(exo) shining like a god, can't believe i got you inside.

shining like a god, can't believe i got you inside.
exo. luhan/sehun. g.

there are a lot of things luhan can move without touching them. silver balls, his clothes, the front door, his books, and sehun.

sehun is the easiest to move, with his puppy eyes and slow mouth, big shoulders and skinny legs. he dances like a puppet when luhan wants him to, smooth and careful, swaying this way and that with a sleepy look in his eyes that means he's not really there.

luhan likes to make sehun do things he can't do, likes to make him trip and fall and bruise his pale peach skin. kris always gives him a narrowed look, but luhan is sunshine and stuffed animals and open smiles, so kris never says anything.

sehun never says anything either, because luhan can also move the pieces and parts inside of him that make him think and talk and breathe.

when luhan is far far away, sehun is sleepy and fuzzy around the edges, barely there - he doesn't know that the world is around him. he gives kai blank looks and slow blinks and everyone laughs because he's so funny, but sehun is sleeping. he's deep asleep all the way inside to his guts and he doesn't know that the world spins.

when luhan is closer, close enough, sehun will smile and fire quick comebacks and walk with easy grace. but he's still asleep.

luhan has spun him into a weave that he can't crawl out of. sehun hasn't been awake in years, and that's how luhan likes him.
Tags: c: luhan, c: sehun, f: exo, g: weird, p: luhan/sehun, r: g

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