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(exo) i'm seeing spirals (i'm moving with you again).

i'm seeing spirals (i'm moving with you again).
exo. jongin/kyungsoo/sehun. nc17. 027. threesome.

it's jongin's idea, of course. all of the best worst ideas seem to come from jongin, because kyungsoo likes to think in normality, in straight lines with scenic sidewalks, while jongin likes to think in curves and the dramatic drop of cliff edges. not that kyungsoo ever denies him any of his ideas. kyungsoo gives in every time with only the customary show of protest, whether it be the time jongin wanted to try handcuffs (that they lost the key to) or the time jongin wanted to try candle wax (they couldn't get it off the sheets) or the time jongin sucked him off in the alley not far from the dorms and kyungsoo had a panic attack when they were almost caught by some baekhyun fans discussing the curve of his eyeliner that day. jongin's ideas have this habit of being really horrible in the execution, but really awesome in the afterglow.

so when jongin comes up to kyungsoo and sweeps his hand down kyungsoo's side and makes a soft sighing noise into his ear, kyungsoo braces himself for the worst.

"no, jongin."

"i haven't even asked anything yet," jongin huffs indignantly. his fingers curl around the curve of kyungsoo's hip, squeezing lightly. it’s one of those things that's really nothing at all, but still makes kyungsoo want to roll over belly-side up as if he were a puppy begging for attention.

with a slow look in jongin's direction, kyungsoo pulls away from him and finishes getting ready for bed, pulling off socks and wriggling out of jeans. "you don't have to. i know you. you're going to suggest something really terrible that you'll somehow end up making me agree to. no thank you. not tonight." he tugs his shirt over his head so he can't see the way jongin'll make his eyes turn down and his bottom lip quiver.

"i'll ask you tomorrow night then," is jongin's answer, with a slow grin. kyungsoo sighs and decides not to argue so he can at least sleep peacefully tonight. he crawls into bed in his boxers, tugging the covers over his shoulder. jongin undresses by the side of the bed, leaves his clothes as a mess on the floor. he strips nude and presses himself tightly to kyungsoo's back, his arm warm over kyungsoo's waist as he rests his hand against his stomach, fingers spread wide. kyungsoo shivers, he turns his head to look over his shoulder. jongin's eyes are dark but bright. they kiss each with whispered murmurs of love and forever. kyungsoo is too sleepy but jongin grinds himself to a shivering release against his ass. kyungsoo ends up losing his boxers to aid in the cleanup. they sleep wrapped up around each other.

its sehun, kyungsoo finds out the next night. jongin wants to try sehun, as if the youngest of the group were a pair of shoes or a new jacket or a sex toy. he stares at jongin and jongin stares back at him and sehun shifts awkwardly from foot to foot in the doorway.

"i'm just going to... go," he says softly, turning to leave. jongin had let him think kyungsoo had already agreed.

jongin gives kyungsoo a wide pleading look, very explicitly c'mon kyungsoo, c'mon. kyungsoo's eyes narrow just a tiny bit and jongin's cute look reverts back to his usual grin.

"freeze, sehun."

sehun freezes.

jongin moves to wrap his arms around him from behind, rests his chin against his shoulder, kissing the soft spot under his ear. "stay, okay? stay and... yeah." kyungsoo snorts softly. so eloquent, his jongin.

sehun shoots kyungsoo a look, his mouth twisted in uncertainty, and kyungsoo sits down on the edge of the bed and gives him a smile. "stay," he repeats.

kyungsoo is no saint, and he's not blind. he watches sehun the way the rest of the world watches him. he loves watching their youngest move, his body stuck between childhood and manhood, soft insides and strong curves. the breadth of his shoulders make kyungsoo's fingers itch to trace them, the plump weight of his cheeks make kyungsoo want to coddle him. the way his waist curves is prettier than jongin's, the smooth flat expanse of his stomach sometimes a bigger thrill than the lines of jongin's muscles. sehun tempts, though he does nothing but grow and smile.

jongin waddle-walks them over to the bed, stands sehun in front of kyungsoo - he smiles up at him, sehun smiles back, kyungsoo reaches up and slides his hands under sehun's shirt, slides his hands up against his stomach and chest as jongin watches him with his mouth attached to sehun's neck. kyungsoo doesn't feel jealous.

it feels almost like they've done this before. their bodies move with the ease of choreographed dances, months of training translating into never having to ask out loud for what they want. as far as jongin's ideas go, this one's progressing smoothly enough. maybe jongin had finally found a good idea. kyungsoo ends up kneeling between sehun's legs with his mouth running along the inside of his thighs while jongin kisses the air out of sehun's lungs.

"suck him off," jongin says. the sound of his voice makes sehun and kyungsoo shiver at the same time. kyungsoo looks up at sehun, sehun looks down at him, sehun licks his mouth. there's really no reason to resist after that. kyungsoo fits his mouth around sehun's cock and sehun makes the prettiest sound he's ever heard. his hips jerk once before jongin's holding them down, one hand at sehun's hip and one hand buried into the strands of kyungsoo's hair. kyungsoo can hear jongin's voice murmuring low above him, indiscernible words every then and again broken by a hitch of sehun's breathing, a panting answer to whatever jongin's saying to him. kyungsoo lets his eyes fall closed and just listens as he slides sehun's cock further down his throat, tongue sweeping to catch the salty taste that blooms over the head of his cock now and again. he likes that sehun tastes clean, like skin and soap.

kyungsoo doesn't track the time. he runs his hands restlessly against sehun's thighs, loving how smooth and supple they are under his palms. his jaw starts to ache but he doesn't care, can't bring himself to care, when the jerks of sehun's hips can't be held down anymore and his whimpers get a little louder. kyungsoo's not always fond of blowjobs because jongin pulls his hair too hard and hurts the back of his throat, but he thinks he could do it again and again with sehun. maybe it has to do with how responsive the magnae is when he draws back to suckle at the head of his cock, lapping at his slit with tiny flicks.

jongin tugs a little hard on kyungsoo's hair to pull him up, kyungsoo lets go of sehun's cock and opens his eyes. sehun looks completely out of it, sprawled bonelessly against jongin's chest with his cheeks red and the bitemarks of jongin's teeth left behind across his shoulders. jongin, on the other hand, is as bright-eyed as ever, struggling to hold in his smirk and failing horribly at it. kyungsoo runs his tongue against his slightly swollen lips and rolls his eyes.

"i'm going to fuck him," he announces. he catches sehun's eyes and holds his gaze, his hands once again on his thighs. "i'm going to fuck you," he repeats, his voice soft.

sehun licks his lips. "okay," he whispers. jongin catches his chin and kisses him hard, as if reward for his answer.

it takes a little shifting around. sehun scoots down and sets his head on jongin's thigh. kyungsoo, grabbing the lube, stops and watches for a moment. sehun is looking up at jongin, jongin is staring down at him. he's running his fingers through sehun's hair, against his face, and the look in his eyes is the softest kyungsoo's ever seen, affection and fondness so deep spills out without warning. they're talking without words, a moment in time entirely for the two of them, and kyungsoo wishes he had a camera. he feels his heart clench at how beautiful they are and how much he loves them both. a different love for both of them, but love nonetheless.

this, he decides, was a brilliant idea.

he kisses his way up sehun's thighs, soft and lingering, sucks a hickey into the fragile skin where the inside of his thigh meets his body, his cheek brushing against the curve of his sac. when he looks up they're looking down at him. the look jongin's giving him, combined with the look sehun's giving him, makes his heart clench again.

"don't look at me like that," he mumbles, moving to kneel between sehun's legs, busying himself with the bottle of lube. his cheeks flush. they laugh at him, until kyungsoo slips lube-cold fingers against sehun's entrance. he chokes on a laugh and kyungsoo hides his smile.

he doesn't look up to watch sehun's reactions, he can hear them. instead he focuses on pushing one of sehun's legs up until jongin reaches down and catches it behind the knee, drawing it up for him. he can hear sehun making a small embarrassed noise of protest, accompanied by jongin's laughter, it makes him smile again as he bites down on his bottom lip, watching his fingers glide over the pretty pink of sehun's hole. he pushes at sehun's other leg, jongin catches it. kyungsoo looks up then, because he has to see and the sight of sehun with his legs spread wide and up by jongin's sunkissed hands make him shudder.

kyungsoo looks away before he gets too distracted by the image. he rubs his thumbs in circles over sehun's entrance, over and over until sehun's wiggling his hips and making soft sounds for more. the reward for his breathless noises is kyungsoo's thumb pressing inside of him, slow but unyielding. sehun doesn't make a noise for that, but jongin lets out a sharp pained hiss. kyungsoo fucks him open with his thumb, knowing it’s not deep enough. he moves slow, takes his time, because jongin never lets him take his time because jongin's too impatient to last longer than two fingers before he's shoving kyungsoo down and jumping onto his cock. sehun can't do that, as caught up as he is, so kyungsoo makes every moment linger. his wrist hurts by the time he slips his thumb out to sink two fingers into sehun, fascinated by the way his skin and muscle stretch and fit around his fingers. he's tight, awfully tight, and sweetly warm. kyungsoo thrusts his fingers until he touches something soft and sehun gives out the loudest cry he's heard that night, a chorus of please please please that his lisp stumbles over.

kyungsoo has half a heart to stay put for the rest of the night, to fuck sehun with his fingers and make him come like that alone, making him a mess. but then his cock gives a throb and no, kyungsoo needs to feel sehun warm around him. so instead he just waits until sehun is almost thrashing in jongin's hold to pull his fingers out and slide lube around his cock. he looks up as he fists himself. jongin is watching him with his fingers fisted around strands of sehun's hair as sehun mouths along the length of his cock. his mouth is small and soft and pretty in its little moue as he kisses jongin's skin, then slides his pursed lips against the smooth curve of his head. another image that kyungsoo will savor.

his hands find their place on sehun's thighs again, squeezing the flesh so his palms will remember the feeling of them bare the next time they sit together for an interview and kyungsoo slides his hands against his denim or leather or polyester.

one of sehun's legs falls down. he can't hold it up himself anymore and jongin's far too gone with sehun sucking him off slow and almost hesitant. kyungsoo settles it around his waist instead, holding it to his side as he finally scoots forward and carefully slides himself home.

he loses his mind as sehun's heat wraps around him. he's aching and hard and he hadn't realized how close to the end he was until he realizes his hands are shaking and his hips are making shallow thrusts without waiting for sehun to adjust. he shoots sehun an apologetic glance but sehun doesn't look like he's minding it at all, his eyes clenched and his moans muffled around jongin. he makes himself stop then, his skin humming with want, until sehun finally looks at him. he pulls his mouth free and reaches out to slide his fingertips down kyungsoo's chest. "i'm okay," he says, voice husky. he licks his lips.

it a blur after that, pure bliss as kyungsoo fucks sehun fast then slow, hard and gentle. he doesn't remember details, but blurs of sensation and sounds. the only clear moment comes when jongin tugs him forward and kisses him hard over sehun's body, his tongue fucking into his mouth.

kyungsoo doesn't know who comes first but when the world stops being white behind his eyelids, sehun's stomach is covered in come, and so is his mouth and cheek. jongin's eyes are closed and he's slumped against the headboard, sehun's eyes are slitted open but staring blankly at jongin's thigh.

when kyungsoo can breathe again, he slowly pulls out of sehun's body. and he can't help himself, he slides one of his fingers back inside of him and he can feel his come inside of him. he pulls his finger out and it's sticky and wet. he rubs finger and thumb together and feels the weight of both jongin and sehun's eyes on him.

they move slowly, laboriously, their bodies heavy and sated. kyungsoo wraps himself around sehun's back, jongin presses himself flush to kyungsoo's. they don't talk, but kyungsoo finally gets his turn to lavish all his attention to sehun's broad shoulders. he falls asleep with his mouth attached to the back of sehun's neck and jongin's hand tucked between his thighs.

later, kyungsoo concedes that perhaps, jongin's ideas aren't always bad, even in the execution. jongin just grins, sehun hides his shy smile.
Tags: c: jongin, c: kyungsoo, c: sehun, etc: table, f: exo, g: smut, p: jongin/kyungsoo/sehun, r: nc17

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