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△ wip collection: the table of doom (jongin/kyungsoo)

∅ we blame it all on daewons — table taken from here.
∅ 004/100

001.Writer's Choice. 002.Writer's Choice. 003.Writer's Choice. 004.Writer's Choice. 005.Writer's Choice.
006.Uniform. 007.Hands. 008.Fingers. 009.Muscles. 010.Neck.
011.Silk. 012.Satin. 013.Lace. 014.Leather. 015.Latex.
016.Tattoo. 017.Branding. 018.Slave. 019.Master. 020.Own/Owned.
021.Wax. 022.Bondage. 023.Masturbation. 024.Handcuffs. 025.Dominant.
026.Submissive. 027.Threesome. 028.Role Play. 029.Blindfold. 030.Dirty.
031.Wrong. 032.Top. 033.Bottom. 034.Cuddle. 035.Foreplay.
036.Slow. 037.Fast. 038.Hard. 039.Soft. 040.Fetish.
041.Passionate. 042.Kink. 043.Lick. 044.Virgin. 045.Erection.
046.Tongue. 047.Sweat. 048.Massage. 049.Grasp. 050.Relationship.
051.Suck. 052.Bite. 053.Voyeur. 054.Rough. 055.Thrust.
056.Trust. 057.Pain. 058.Writhe. 059.Scream. 060.Control.
061.Secret. 062.Strip. 063.Harness. 064.Shield. 065.Bed.
066.Table. 067.Couch. 068.Floor. 069.Tease. 070.Protection.
071.Broken. 072.Wet. 073.Dream. 074.Slick. 075.Scent.
076.Strangers. 077.Slut. 078.Hot. 079.Breathe. 080.Whimper.
081.Beg. 082.Strained. 083.Ring. 084.Restrain. 085.Whisper.
086.Choices. 087.Life. 088.Throat. 089.Toys. 090.Afterglow.
091.Taut. 092.Pant. 093.Gasp. 094.Feather. 095.Command.
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

Tags: c: jongin, c: kyungsoo, etc: table, f: exo, p: jongin/kyungsoo, status: wip

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